Welcome, Have a Commander Shepard or a Marcus Fenix. On Me.

Welcome to my kitchen of alchemical madness, where I plan to teach you (and myself) how to cook a wide array of food based on, or inspired by, nerd culture. Welcome to The Dorkside of the Food.

Today we’re going to ease you into this whole concept with something simple, something pleasant: a mixed drink or two.

These two drinks are really simple. My best friend, The Gentleman Gamer Jack Steelman, and I concocted them and perfected them. They key-est of key ingredients for them is Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel (The Citrus Cherry kind, all others are rip-offs and awful.).

Liquid Glory

The Commander Shepard:


This drink is super simple to make and is good for most occasions: first contacts with alien species, classy nightclubs on your favorite space station, or a relaxing night at home.


12 oz.of Game Fuel

2-3 oz.of Vodka

They all are good for this, so stick to your budget. It is the best way to stay classy.

The Marcus Fenix:


This one is a little less refined and classy. You and your space marine buddies just get a little r&r and find yourselves in a bar? This is the perfect drink for you. Hell if you’re still on the front lines this is still the drink to have.


12 oz. Game Fuel

2-3 oz. of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Liquid Courage

I’ve found myself drinking these plenty of nights these past few years. Easy to make, easy to drink, and perfect for every situation.


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