Butterbeer and You (Alcoholic and Virgin)

Family Friendly Butterbeer, for all you Potterheads who can’t drink for whatever reason.


I first had butterbeer at Universal Studios and fell in love with it so much that I’ve researched a couple of recipes to try here at home. I’ll let you know how they taste.

All Ages Butterbeer:


4 oz. Cream Soda

2 1/2 oz. Root Beer

1 oz. Butterscotch Syrup

Optional: 1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream


This one tasted just like what you would find at a Hogwarts. Sweet, delicious, and over the top with magical goodness. Harry would be proud of this drink.

Just like from Universal Studios!

For all you drinkers of fine inebriants, the drinking nerd’s Butterbeer. This one might be dangerous, if I get too drunk there will be pictures posted below.

Alcoholic Butterbeer:


3¬†oz. Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Soda

2 1/2 oz. Not Your Father’s Root Beer

1 oz Butterscotch Syrup

1 oz. Whipped Cream Vodka

Optional: 1 Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Okay, for the record I only like one or two of these ingredients so I was really nervous about drinking this one.

Oh god, please don’t let this be terrible.
I forgot to put the butterscotch syrup in.
I should not have said that…

This one is even better than the regular. It has cinnamon notes and a smooth finish. Plus it’s alcoholic, and dangerously so. I could seriously drink these for hours. I can picture Hagrid ordering this at the Three Broomsticks and pining over Norbert and Fluffy.

Much Better.

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