The Dorkside Chose Me, I didn’t Choose It.

In this post I’ll be talking a bit about my background. So let’s get personal!


I never had a chance really, my parents were into science fiction and I took to it like an infant takes to its mothers breast. I don’t remember the first bit of the Dorkside that drew me in, but I was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

I was infatuated with science. I would mix soaps and shampoos in the shower and let them sit for a week before seeing if they had changed in any discernible way. I would ask a million questions to figure out why things were and how they worked.

That lead me to my love of books. To quote a text image I saw the other day, “I’ve spent my life chasing the high of a Scholastic Book Fair.” That was the best week of the year for me in elementary school, getting the magazine to look and see what was interesting, then roaming through the cardboard shelves in the school’s music room, or auditorium, or where ever they were holding it. I had a budget of three books and one non-book item or four books, and I had to choose wisely.


I remember one year, I bought a Star Wars book for children, a Goosebumps book, and a book on drawing. I also should point out that this was the same time Pizza Hut was doing a thing with young readers for every so many books they read that student would get a free pizza, it was called Book It!. I love pizza – more importantly, free pizza. They have since changed the rules for getting those free pizzas, but the ’90s were a good time to be a kid.

One of the other things I read as a child was the Captain Underpants Series. I had a first edition copy of each of the books that I bought when they were brand new. It was quirky and fun and he didn’t care what people thought of him. He was my avatar.

In 1997 my dad took me to see the Empire Strikes Back Special Edition. My love for all things Star Wars probably traces back to that singular event. That movie cemented the need for science fiction of any kind I could get a hold of. It was a need, an addiction. My parents fed it, but taught me that sci-fi wasn’t the only thing to absorb. They forced me to read other things and I resented them for it. But, honestly I’m glad they did.

I should also mention that my parents weren’t discriminatory against any kind of Sci-Fi show. I watched Star Trek: TNG when they aired new episodes, saw all of the not very good movies (and LOVED them), we moved on to Voyager and Deep Space Nine. I lived on an endless cycle of Science Fiction.

I had plans (childish fancies) on how to build an actual working Lightsaber, and my ideas were fairly accurate for my basic understanding of physics at the time (while still highly unlikely the concepts – lacking scientific formulas to back them up – were what physicists were experimenting with in regards to lasers and plasma manipulation.).

As I grew up, I found new sci-fi and fantasy to pull me ever deeper. I’ll refrain from ranting about my love for all the various shows, books, and video games that I devoured in my never ending search for new fiction, but suffice to say. I’d like to invite you to the Dorkside of the Food, one day I might even make cookies.

The cookies may be a lie, but you have to ask Schrödinger.



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