Why a cooking blog you (probably didn’t) ask?

Okay, so more story time. You might be wondering why I am doing a cooking blog, and I’ll tell you all about how and why I chose cooking to be my touchstone to the Dorkside.

Once upon a Christmas long ago, or so this story goes. Actually it doesn’t really go that way, and I don’t want to lie to you, but the Christmas angle probably isn’t too far from the truth. There were cookies in the shape of Kermit, hand cut X-Wings, and regular cookies decorated to look like the Death Star. The X-Wings didn’t look normal after the baking process, but that didn’t make them any less tasty. My mom, had enlisted my tiny little boy creativity to help make the Christmas cookies, sure there were other cookie cutters that we used (boring ones) but still I crafted the ones that I wanted. I should probably mention the Kermit thing was a cookie cutter that my mom had since before my memories really start, but I thought he was a pretty cool frog-dude.

I also love cooking, I’ll glance at a recipe and then wing my own version. I don’t do a lot of cooking for as much as I enjoy it for a multitude of reasons: I want my food relatively soon once I’m hungry; I don’t typically want to eat leftovers so whatever I don’t eat is wasted, and post-cooking clean-up. I’m trying to get over my aversion to doing clean-up though (honestly if you had seen how long I’ve let dishes sit… I’ll just leave it at that.), but it’s not going swell.

There are a ton of recipes that I’ve found that touch upon something nerdy and now I have a reason to make them. Seeing them wasn’t enough motivation to get rid of my indifference and laziness, but this blog is just the trick!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, check back frequently for more recipes and the occasional story!

(Why so) Seriously,



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